Data Backup Solutions

If computers play an important part in your business operations, then it is essential that you utilize some form of data backup solutions. Even for your own personal use, you do need to have a backup system so that you don’t lose your files and photos. Backup manufacturers understand that there is no one solution that will fit all needs, which is why there are various kinds for you to choose from.

There are basically three kinds of data backup solutions – full, incremental and differential. A full solution allows you to make a backup of all the files on your computer at the same time. This is the perfect answer for a home computer. You should perform the backup on an average of about once a week.

Incremental and differential backup solutions are mainly for those who work from home or use a computer as the main part of their business operations. The backups can be done every day, but they should be done at least several times a week. Differential solutions will only back up the files that have changed since you last performed a full backup. You do need to have a lot of storage space on your computer and although they do take longer to back up, they have a very fast restoration time. Incremental solutions will only back up any files that have changed since you last backup, whether it was full or differential.

Most of the software available for sat backup solutions have a wide range of options that you can use. With the One-Click System backup Capability of Norton Ghost, you can back up all your files in a second with the click of a single button. Quite often if you are using a file, you cannot save it, but with a Files-in-use backup system, you can save the file as you are working on it. Then you won’t have to take a chance on losing any changes. With a complete backup system, you can backup the complete registry, everything on the hard drive, the drivers and the software applications. This is an easy alternative to reformatting a hard drive.